tutorial: pottery barn looking decorative balls


how’s that for a title? 😉
so i’m really into making my house a little more pottery barn looking at the moment. i wanted decorative balls, and when i started this tutorial i really liked the idea of “different colors” to add a little bit of punch as well.
so i’m going to show you how to attain the green color as well in this tutorial.

supplies you will need:

*spray paint (krylon ivy leaf is the color i used, which to me turned out EXACTLY like the color i was envisioning)


*Styrofoam balls i used small (2 in) and medium sizes(4 in), the medium were left in natural twine color, and the small ones were the green color ones. first get some twine (depending on your size of the ball will determine how much twine you need)

spray paint your twine.

let it dry, flip it over and spray paint anywhere you missed the first time.

repeat if you need to.

these styrofoam balls were in the craft area at walmart.

once your spray painted twine is dry, roll up one end just like so.

hot glue gun a dab on your styrofoam ball and place you started coil on it.
let it dry.

start adding a little bit of hot glue as you go and start coiling around and around your start

continue the whole way to the other side.

continue your coil and hot glue and fill in to the end. cut off your end. make sure your end is hot glued down.

and now you have some super duper cute pottery barn looking decorative balls.

currently i’m trying other colors as well.

will post them when i’m done!

if you make some of these show them off at the flicker group so i can see your creations!
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