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i had to pay my kid $20


so, my kid played basketball this year.
he didn’t do too bad.
at the end of the “season” we got their team and individual pictures back.

when i first saw the picture i exploded in a “HAHA!…ahem. that’s a good picture bud. why did you uh…hmmm.”
second noise maker answers:“they told me not to blink.”
me: “well good job at not blinking dude. lets show dad.”
husband: “HA! OH MY…ahem. nice picture dude.”
me: in an all seriousness tone “they told him not to blink.”
husband: having to turn around so we wouldn’t see him turning purple. “yup…mmmm hmmm, i see that.”

a day or two later, i asked the second noise maker if i could put up his picture on the blog. our conversation went a little like this:

me: “okay, so i want to write about your basket ball picture. i’m going to next week. is that okay?”
second noise maker: “yeah, but you need to pay me $15 to do it.”
me: staring at him blankly for a second… finally coming to and saying:”i’m sorry,what did you just say? who told you to say that?”

a closer look at the deer in headlights.

from two rooms over the husband yells: “I SAID $50 not $15!!!”
the second noise maker and i look at eachother. both of our wheels turning.
me: “how bout $20.”
second noise maker: “deal.”
the kid got $20 that night.
the husband did not get anything that night.
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