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V and Co: getting my embroidery on and 15 years


yesterday i continued to work on things for market. 

i am doing a school house with Aurifil threads and i will be showing off a few things i’ve made (including this little bag) with my line of threads with them.

 one person asked if i did the embroidery by hand. uh no. but thank you for thinking i did that by hand.

 nope the embroidery was stitch #431 on my Bernina 580 

these threads were created for my simply color line. but go great with my simply style line as the colors are close enough that they transfer pretty well!

 the bag pattern is my color block pouch. (the large bag of the three)

it’s one of my favorite to make as a gift for sew-y friends because it’s fast and easy and totally a necessity.

yep. i’ll be making a few more. 🙂

and i’ll be making a few other things with my embroidery machine and thread here soon too. watch for it on the We All Sew Blog for BERNINA. 🙂

also this last week my youngest one was caught on camera eating a microphone.

this was taken before the kindergarten moosical.  she obviously is lacking in the personality department.

we also (the husband and i) celebrated 15 years and one month this last sunday.

yep, last month we celebrated 15 whole years of marriage.

i married a pretty cute boy 15 years ago.

and today i celebrate 15 years of being with my best friend, the love of my life, the guy that can make me laugh so hard i pee, the guy i can look across the room and with one look i know what he said with that one look. i’m married to one of the hardest working men i know and a great example to my boys. i celebrate 15 years with the guy i have 4 kids with, countless of memories, a few trials we have been able to go through and look back at and learned from. i am celebrating 15 years with the man that mirrors my desires to have a good family life, mirrors my desires to create a safe home for our children, the man that mirrors my sense of humor, and the man that continuously tries to keep smiling.

i am one lucky gal i said yes. one of these days i’ll have to write down our story. it’s pretty hilarious. 🙂

this week i’ll also write up about my time at the MQG in Des Moines. they asked me to talk about traditional blocks in modern quilting . it was fun and i got to meet some lovely ladies and got to talk fun stuff with them. 🙂

here’s a blog post by one of the members! it was so nice to meet you veronica!!

we’ll talk soon!

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