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V and Co: reverse hopscotch done


 i finally finished quilting and binding my reverse hopscotch quilt for my friend.

and keep getting asked the same question:

how did you make it.

okay well here is how i made it:

*first i got my hopscotch pattern

*and where the stars are i just reversed it and placed the printed fabrics where the white fabric was and then made the stars white.

*and then because i wanted to use up some of my scraps, instead of doing a square in square, i did a nine patch.

 yes? now you see it?

super fun, stash buster quilt

 then for quilting what i did was:

straight line quilting. i’ve only quilted a few of my own quilts and by far i love the look i get when i straight line quilt.

how i created the straight lines was by using my walking foot and the little bar attachment that i can adjust and measure out how far i want my lines to be.

after i make my first line i use that line as my guide to create the next line…and you just keep going so forth and so forth. 

till you finish the whole quilt and it looks totally awesome all straight line quilted.

 for the back i wanted to pick a fabric that would go nicely with my two fabric lines and the green in the pezzy print by american jane was the winner.

i wanted to have a back that would look cute all on it’s own

 so which ever way you fold the quilt…

 you end up with cute and nice to look at quilt.

i love making baby quilts. and i will make them for patterns all the time. but what i love making baby quilts as patterns, is when i make a baby quilt that is going to be given to a specific baby. 

when that little guy shows up i hope to take a few pictures with him in it. 🙂 

now, i have ANOTHER friend having a baby…this time it’s a girl.

i’m thinking my bloom quilt  or kaleidoscope baby sized. or maybe i’ll just have to make something new all together. hmmmmmmmm. 

the wheels are a turning.

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