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making personal pizza’s 9 year old style


so i’m off at girls camp and my 9 year old kid was asking what i was going to do about my blog (didn’t know he cared) when i was gone. one question led to another and well here we go: making personal pizza’s 9 year old style.
first get english muffins
second get pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce but don’t tell the other kids its spaghetti cause then they will say it doesn’t taste right.) and put it on all the english muffins
pre-heat the oven at 400 degrees

then get mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and you are done and ready to put them in the oven.

this is him ready to put them in the oven.. what a goof…i have no idea where he gets his sense of humor from.

cook for 10 minutes and enjoy with some milk and a little bit of spongebob.

i would like to thank the 9 year old noise maker for helping me with my blogging material, especially while i’m gone.

he’s a pretty great kid.

and not to mention that this is probably one of the only times you will see “cooking” things on my blog because, i don’t cook cause i like it… i cook cause i have to. thankfully that is not going through in message to the next generation. i make sure to put on a stupid smile every time everyone pesters me with “what’s for dinner?”.

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