oooh we have us a winner(s)! and some other stuff


oooohweeee! well thank you all for playing! hello to some new names and welcome back to old timer names that i’m starting to know and love! 😉
thank you beki for hosting a lovely lovely giveaway!

using the random number generator, the number picked was:

anne come on down! you are the lucky one this time around!

if you’ll give me your email address so that i can give it to beki and she can get in touch with you to send you your lovely little necklace!

and because there were so many of you to enter i’m going to give away an additional three fabric bracelet pdf tutorials to:

#228 …fairyland who is all the way from cypres (wow!)

#53 k who just celebrated her 10 year reunion from high school.


#172 cassidy from honolulu. (totally trying not to hate you.)

if you ladies will give me an email address where i can send you the fabric bracelet pdf tutorial.

and now for the other stuff:

i LOVE all the emails i get with pictures of your cute finished products of my tutorials.

but really, you should have a place to show them off.

sooooo…i made a flickr group named V and Co tutorials where you can show off your lovely bandanna skirts, fabric baskets,fabric bracelets, table cloth skirts…just to name a few!

so go on and saunter on over there and make me proud, upload your pics and lets have fun making stuff together!

also i’m going to start offering advertising on my side bar. it will be located right underneath the blogher ad. if you are interested send me an email:

vanessa.christenson[at]gmail[dot]com. for details.

i’m off for the rest of the week to girls camp for my church. the weather is…uh…not cooperating and i should be looking like a wet rat in about 2 minutes from getting out of the car.

but it’ll be fun anyways.

oh and don’t forget sunday is father’s day.

i have to go and get the perfect gift for the man of the house (aka the cow whisperer.)

..oh i have stories

see you soon!

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