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V and Co: happy valentines day


Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

happy valentines day.

here is a pretty picture

and then here’s what my real life looks like:

the daughter brought this home and she explained it says:

“i love bows.”

“i love hearts.”

and last but not least:

“i love flowers.”

sorry sweetie:

 that says “i love fart.”

but we’ll let you think you wrote flowers. for now.

i’m keeping it in her keepsake box to bring out when she’s a teenager and brings home boys.

happy valentines day!

edited: the husband bought me roses and had the florist write “…wanted to make sure i got you some farts.”

i think this is going to stick.

tomorrow i will have  the how to appliqué your dresden plate and what to put in the middles.

we’ll talk soon!!! 🙂