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apple blossems crazy kids and getting ready to head out to san diego.


beautiful isn’t it? my apple trees are all blooming! i’m so excited i can hardly stand it!!! last year we got a couple of apples that made for some good sling shots…nothing else…but i hear that around here (and everywhere else?) apple trees produce every other year, and if that’s the case this is the year that i will be making some yummy stuff with apples!!! i really want to make apple butter, and can some of them for apple pie fillings, i don’t even know what kind of apples they are but i don’t care!!! i’m going to try!!!
julie’s “it’s my final baby” quilt is done…yeah i was dumb enough to stay up till 2 am watching arrested development episode after episode after episode, laughing hysterically and binding the quilt. but it’s done!
now i have to get ready for my trip out of here! i’m trying to be all efficient by making sure i clean and pack today. i have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and i really want to just relax tomorrow so that i can be ready for the 10+ hours it’s going to take me to drive to my mom’s. but i’ve got my ipod all ready with new songs, and i finally got my favorite band All American Rejects albums put on there as well, so all is well.

i’ll just leave you with a little “nateism” i heard the kids laughing hysterically and nate yelling “mom! QUICK!!! i don’t know how much longer i can hold on! —-GET THE CAMERA!!!” i snapped the picture and then the next question was “are you going to blog it?” now there’s a phrase i NEVER said to my mom…yup buddy you made the blog!!! woohooo!