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conversation with the husband…


because i have nothing to write i thought i would share with you a conversation i had with my husband (the marriage and family therapist who does wilderness therapy for troubled teens turned JI Joe) a few weeks ago

i’ll set the scene: jake took the liberty of writing something on the blog about just how darn cool he really is, and during our conversation the next night he was giddy like a school girl about your guys’ comments…it went a little like this:

jake: hey did you see how many comments i got?!

me: thinking to myself:pioneer woman got 14,000+ comments once and some blogs i check on a regular basis get like 20-50 comments everyday…

me:! 11 comments

jake: haha, yeah you like only got 5!

me: mmhmmm

jake: yeah so about those comments…who exactly are these people?

me: oh mainly people i’ve known throughout the years and some that i’ve just “met”

jake: so you know them?

me: uh….hmmmwell i read their blogs and i see what they are up to on a regular basis but i’ve never met them face to face…yeah i know them.

jake: have you ever met them?

me: shoot… uh no.

jake: wait…you’ve never met them? and they comment on your blog?

me: yup

jake: why?

me: thinking hard…i have no idea, some of them like my super wittiness, while others like my decorating and second hand finds…i think…oh i don’t know probably same reason why i check out some other blogs on a regular basis.

jake: and why is that? i mean check out blogs on a regular basis?

me: mainly i love to see what people are doing, i get inspired or i see what they’ve made, see how their kids are growing up…see that other women out there are going through the same headaches and blissful moments in mothering, and so forth. i mean the list goes on and on, but when i write about this in the blog i don’t want to have it be too lengthy…okay just kidding on saying that on the last little bit

jake: that’s weird…

me: not really actually EVERYONE is doing it and it links me to the outside world, i mean hello you left me and the kids in a town in the middle of nowhere with 500 people!!! i need the blogging thing!

jake:whatever floats your boat…uh…you aren’t going to write like personal stuff are you?

me: thinking, uh i already have written about meltdowns, pity parties, and IUD’suh what do you mean “personal”

jake: you know like if i do something that makes you mad or something

me: hahaha…no i’ll make sure to portray you as the hunkiest most adorable, sweetest, rubs my feet when i don’t even ask, JI Joe meets wilderness man slash jason bourne, tim the tool guy taylor (with out the screw ups) kind of guy that you are…does that sound good?

jake: yeah right…you’re going to write about me making you mad aren’t you?

me: yeah probably, but you hardly ever do, so you don’t have to worry…

jake: hmm i don’t think i like you blogging.

me: just don’t make me mad and you’ll be just fine…

jake: yeah i don’t like you blogging…

me: just don’t make me mad…