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cattle rolls in while i get ready to roll out…


our next door neighbors are finally back…i love cow pictures
so my jam i made for my family to take as a gift is done with my hand written labels because being out in the middle of nowhere when your printer goes out of ink the only place you can buy ink is online, and well i just don’t have time right now… i’m packed and the house just needs a little here and there cleaning up…i’m planning on spending ridiculous amounts of time hanging out by the pool and the beach and when i’m not needed by my children i’m going to be reading. no projects will be taken on this trip…i am relaxing and not doing anything productive…with that being said…

i am sad to say i don’t have super cute luggagei’ve had that adidas bag i think since before we were married and well the army bag was free. note to self: buy really cute luggage so when i blog about going on a trip again i will have a cuter picture to post. i love blogging.

we’ll be gone for two weeks, and you know where i’m going there’s no computer for the first part of the trip, and no diet dr pepper, (oh my gosh and with no projects either…what am i going to do? relax, you need to learn to relax.) so i guess this is good-bye for a while…i’ll blog when i get home! so until then do what you do and i’ll do what i do and i’ll try to catch up with what you did while i was gone when i come back. see you in two weeks!