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i’m either the best or worst mom…


i’ve decided to add this pretty picture of a flowering bush in my back yard just in case some of you are of faint heart and would much rather not continue to read and see some pretty disgusting and dirty things. as this post is full of these things…
consider yourselves warned…
mom that means you.
katie has been regressing in the whole potty training thing because she’s had a raw bum, and having a raw bum and pooping don’t go well together.

well, pushing out four parasites and having hemorrhoids due to the wonderful experience of birthing them doesn’t make pooping pleasant either but this post isn’t about me it’s about my kids.

so mind you we’re in the bathroom and she’s screaming like she is giving birth and i’m coaching her as i’m her midwife…i suddenly hear something that make my ears perk.

i hear splashing and laughing…we don’t have a pool, or a lake in our back yard (or at least we didn’t before yesterday) so i look out the window, and behold this is what my eyes did see:

i mutter “oh holy mother of all that is good”… (catholic background coming out again)
i run outside…leaving poor katie behind in mid breathing exercises…

and i stand there dumb founded. should i of yelled at them? could i stop them? should i of stopped them?

well what i did do is get the camera.

and well some things are for sure…

katie passed something that was the size of a small child and i missed it. (she later came outside and joined by watching from the sidelines)…

the boys are going to have some super awesome memories of growing up together and a lot to tell their therapists.

and my future daughter-in-laws are going to hate me…

because my boys are totally going to think that mom’s are suppose to let this kind of behavior fly and laugh like a cackling crazy fool as she runs after them and hoses them down for her own personal “therapy”.

(mom if you made it this far…i just want to add that no children were harmed in the making of this blog post and i’m totally kidding about cackling like a crazy fool, i was just chuckling and it really wasn’t that great of therapy because they actually enjoyed their mother playing along with them. oh and katie’s poop wasn’t actually the size of a small child…more of a small rat so that makes it okay for missing it. and she’s totally okay now.)

did i mention that i got absolutely nothing done yesterday?

well i didn’t.

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