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the heat makes me happy


for those of you who follow me on twitter…you know that i was in vegas with a few of my friends from california (from the old glory days of college) we ate too much, laughed too much, layed and baked by the pool too much…and shopped waaaaay too much, enough that my legs were wobbly and my knee started to hurt.
hmmm, maybe it’s just the added years on that last one.
regardless, it was fun and i’m really glad i was given the opportunity to go.
i was a dork and forgot my camera, so yeah no pictures from my camera…but you can see a pic herelast week finally felt like summer here out in the middle of nowhere.

it was hot.

and heat makes me happy.
heat means eating fruit all day long… heat means hanging outside and having to bring out the slip ‘n’ slide because it’s just too hot not to.
and with all the wonderful happiness that the heat brought on last week…
heat means summer inspired projects.
here’s to hoping that the heat sticks around.