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she wanted one too


a flirty skirt.
just like mine.
thanks for letting me know they sold out. they have been re-stocked!

in order to get katie to smile and play along to take a photo, the boys tried to help with the photo shoot.
sometimes not so successfully.

but in the end we got a few good shots i think.

in the works:
*a new moda bake shop project.
*a humanitarian project to help out a friend. (more to come on that soon too!)
*continuing the efforts to help raise money for the school’s playground. you guys are freakin amazing!
*a new project for my blog
*a new project for dana’s blog
*a new project for another blog.

all the while trying to make sure that my family comes first.
so next week we’re having a sponsored giveaway.
so i can tackle some stuff.
and in the meantime i’ll try to maintain the shred of sanity i try to hold on.
did i say that this year i was trying to not pile so much so quick?
well that lasted a month.
i guess i lied.
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