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so simply utah is spotlighting me. they are super sweet and the spotlight some pretty amazing shops. i’m honored and humbled to be numbered as one of them. and well because they were so nice…i’m offering for the rest of this week only, 25% off your order. just mention “simply utah” on your notes of […]

she wanted one too

a flirty skirt. just like mine. thanks for letting me know they sold out. they have been re-stocked! in order to get katie to smile and play along to take a photo, the boys tried to help with the photo shoot. sometimes not so successfully. but in the end we got a few good shots […]

shop is now stocked and i’m pooped

featured: the anywhere bag pattern available here. 2 day limited time free shipping sale ends wednesday feb 3rd @ midnight. also if you buy three patterns you get your choice of the 4th one for free this sale ends at the end of the week. that took a lot longer than i expected. leave it […]

save the date

featured: the favorite scarf pattern shop update: tomorrow feb 1st at 11 am mst see you there. v and co loves her sponsors check out shey [B]

new in my etsy shop

did you have a good thanksgiving weekend? ours was nice. really nice. we had good friends come over, and my turkey turned out ahem… awesome good and juicy. brining the turkey is the way to go! so thanks amy for showing me the ropes and telling me where to find recipes and instructions. we will […]

i made something

thanksgiving turkey dinner made out of fabric. turkey, garnishes, and carrots complete this super yummy feast. now all your little one needs is some guests to arrive! sure to be a crowd pleaser. for sure! i know one little girl who can’t get enough of it already. i just hope my thanksgiving turkey looks as […]

go check it out

shown the gathered pillow. pdf file available please check my shop update for a limited time buy 3 pdf files get one FREE thanks and see you there!

you’re invited

to my shop update on monday the 21st at 10 am (mountain standard time) patterns and kits for vintage baby quilt and well as a few other down loadable tutorials i’ve been working on i really hope to see you there comments closed

grandmother garden flower & barn wood frames

while all of my visitors have been here, my sewing machine has been neglected. BUT… i brought out my hand work. and again the obsession over the grandmother flower has been re-sparked. how did i let so much time go by? i’ve only fully completed this one but i love it. a l o t […]

today in the shop: patterns

the pincushion pattern and patterns for these cute ruffle pillows pictured above (no you don’t need a ruffle foot for this pattern!) now here’s some important info: if you leave this blog (wow,thanks jodi!) a comment about what i’m up to (oh and i think you are suppose to leve me a comment too! that […]

shop stocked with “things”

pictured is my aqua pillows for sale. go to my etsy store to find this one and more. okay so now go on over to the blog and get a chance to win a honey bun (you know the one i made my baby girl quilt out of) yeah that one. go on go tell […]

just kidding shop update today and tomorrow!

okay so i totally goofed and well the giveaway will be today at 9 pacific time @ little birdie secrets so i’m updating the shop today at 9:55 my time (mountain standard time) and what ever i don’t get in today i’ll finish tomorrow morning (like the patterns) sorry for the confusion! obviously i’ve been […]

shop update

image includes the ruffle pillow. pattern and pillow will be available to buy. yeah i know it’s early. but i don’t know when the other blog is going to do their spotlight so i have to make sure i get everything in there before hand. and well, if i don’t get spotlighted till like 10 […]

i’ve been sewing…

my rear off. it should be indenting inward here sometime soon. next week on wednesday this blog will be spotlighting me and doing a giveaway (of my choice…oh you know it’ll be moda). so i’ve been working on some more patterns to put in my etsy shop. just so all those people who don’t really […]

please go do some damage

image includes “the fabric bracelet” and you can buy the instructions here in my shop sold out i will keep them stocked up as they run out follow this link my shop has some new things in it okay so some of you expressed wanting the stitchery in Katie’s room: find it here i also […]

you are invited

to my shopupdate. i’ve made things that you would find in my home. i didn’t get to make EVERYTHING i wanted to… so this will be the first of two updates. so please come and support your love of handmade things by your crazy little blogger friend in the middle of nowhere. hope to see […]

gardening above 7000 ft

as much as the rain tried to derail our best efforts to start preparing for our garden this year, “we” (meaning my husband while i stood on the sideline and acted as cheerleader and took this picture) used the rototiller and started to prepare the ground. we live above 7000 ft area and so all […]

i’m off to vegas baby

for some nicer, warmer weather and to visit this cute little gal to have a girl’s weekend. we’re going to paint the town red (well the fabric stores and second hand stores) and she even promised me she would take me to TARGET. because i’m pretty sure that is what heaven is going to look […]

because dept stores are about to do it…

even though there are still two days left till valentines day…lets not forget the next big girly holiday coming up…MOTHER’S DAY…and well, because the department stores are getting ready to promote it, i thought i would as well…go to my shop and buy yourself this pattern. it includes instructions on how to make the embroidery, […]

aprons and hotpads…

go check them outHERE tell me you wouldn’t look smokin‘ hot in one of these numbers? i walk around all day in mine and i feel like i want to put on some pearls or something. watch out donna reed! i did finish these for the boys’ teachers. my boys have the BEST teachers this […]

pj’s made by me

oh oh people i don’t have enough to make all those that want them, i will figure out how many i can make out of these particular sheets, and then i will also show you guys some other sheets if you are still interested in purchasing the pj’s made out of other sheets! thank you […]

new dress made by me

made out of vintage sheets… i’m trying to decide if the little one “needs” yet another dress or if i need the money more…so i think i’m going to put it in the shop either the etsy one or the one here in town i don’t know just yet. but making this made me feel […]


it’s all done…for now…i’m still making more of the holly hairclips in different colors and sizes…but that’s all i got for now…hope you like it. check it here

please tell your friends…

mountain standard time… please please please tell your friends… if you put this picture with a link to my blog on your blog, comment to me with a link and i’ll give you 10% off your purchase! or if you don’t even want 10% off and you just want to be extra nice to me […]

mad about yo-yo’s, red, and turquoise

well my HOLLY girly bags are coming along quite nicely, i’ll definitely be making the deadline i made for myself of wednesday at 2pm to stock up the store with the handbags. this weekend has been spent making yo-yo’s like a mad woman, and playing outside with the boys and the little one. oh and […]

so happy to introduce…

okay here she is…the HOLLY (get it because of the hollyhocks that inspired me to FINALLY make her real instead of just in my head) she’s so darn cute, and she’s coming to you in myetsy store next week…but not just in blue…in pink, brown, green, yellow…and when i go through all of these fabrics […]

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