The Blog

i’ve been sewing…


my rear off.

it should be indenting inward here sometime soon.

next week on wednesday this blog will be spotlighting me and doing a giveaway (of my choice…oh you know it’ll be moda).

so i’ve been working on some more patterns to put in my etsy shop. just so all those people who don’t really know me and come over here for the first time will think i’m like cool or something.

i’ll keep you posted on when you can enter to win the giveaway.

(yes it’s going to be moda)

(yes you can enter as well)

(yes you should be excited)


so have a fantabulous weekend.

the husband is trying to get livestock again.

hasn’t he learned?

me and cows don’t mix all that great?

doesn’t he remember i killed one too?

and don’t get me started on the goats and more goats.

oh and the best blog post about them devil’s spawn here.

whatever it makes for some really great posts.

see you on monday.

wish us and whatever animal we end up having good luck.