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today in the shop: patterns


the pincushion pattern and patterns for these cute ruffle pillows pictured above (no you don’t need a ruffle foot for this pattern!)

now here’s some important info:

if you leave this blog (wow,thanks jodi!) a comment about what i’m up to (oh and i think you are suppose to leve me a comment too! that jodi!!) you get to enter a whole different giveaway from yesterdays giveaway (which by the way you can still enter till saturday).



now if you’ll excuse me i’m going to take the next few days off.

i’m taking my chocolate and book in one hand and feminine hygiene products in the other hand, i’m making today restful, and hanging with the kids outside because my crankies have hit full blown.

and as we all know sunshine, a book, and chocolate make the crankies all better.

see you monday with something new i’m sure.

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