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mad about yo-yo’s, red, and turquoise


well my HOLLY girly bags are coming along quite nicely, i’ll definitely be making the deadline i made for myself of wednesday at 2pm to stock up the store with the handbags. this weekend has been spent making yo-yo’s like a mad woman, and playing outside with the boys and the little one.
oh and i took a quick break to spray paint the tops of my milk jugs red, yes thank you for the suggestion i think it turned out marvelous!
and this is my new favorite dress…actually it’s old, but i never used to wear it cause i thought it swallowed me up in black but add a turquoise necklace and bracelet and voila! not swallowed up anymore…oh and i’ sewed the back up cause the v went all the way down my back and i hated that, no shirt looked good from the back, and when i sewed it up it closed the v neck in the front a little and now i looooooove this dress!

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