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did you have a good thanksgiving weekend? ours was nice. really nice. we had good friends come over, and my turkey turned out ahem… awesome good and juicy. brining the turkey is the way to go! so thanks amy for showing me the ropes and telling me where to find recipes and instructions. we will do that from now on!
i’m doing an online holiday boutique that U-Create is putting on. such an awesome idea kari! and excited to be part of it!
so i made a new pdf file.
introducing strawberry shortcake with frosting.
edited: i’m honoring the buy three pdf patterns get one free.
the felt food craze has been around for a while, and i like it…but… i like how with fabric you have so many MORE options on shades, and design.
this pdf file will give you step by step instructions on how to make your short cake AND your frosting. which, by the way is detachable. so if your little one wants plain shortcake and no frosting…you can have that. or if you want to make lots of different shades or “flavors” of frosting…you can do that too!
options, a girl needs options! 😉
katie’s obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake right now. so i was inspired to make this cake to go along with her obsession. she’s quite happy with how it turned out. and i have to admit, i love hanging out in her kitchen soooo much more than i do my own. mr. v and co. is sure that one day he’s going to find me playing in her kitchen when she’s not even involved. so far i’ve made sure to do such things when i know he’s busy at work.
also last week the theme for sytyc was turkey. you were correct if you guessed the aprons as mine! i made it into the next round, phew! it’s getting harder and harder to stay in! dana wowed us ALL with her absolutely gorgeous, worthy of being in a magazine as a gap ad skirt. i have to admit when she showed me the picture after we turned in our pictures, i just sat there and stared with my mouth open wide catching flies. seriously, amazing. what an honor to be in a contest with these talented women!
it feels like sudden death over there, we’re down to just 6, i don’t know how much longer i can keep this up! well, whatever the outcome, it’s been a blast and i’m lucky to of made it this far!
now off to make something for this next weeks new theme! wish me luck.