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sytyc, etsy update, baptism, family, friends, gingerbread man and box tops…oh my


hi there!
first things first: go here to check out the projects for the new theme “gifts” for this week at sytyc. we’re down to the wire. only 4 of us left, competition is fierce, (not really we all really like eachother and hope the other one wins and we’ve all become closer friends through the process.) but it is down to the wire. who will go home this round? yikes!!!

second, you can now purchase my argyle scarf pattern here (keep the pictures coming of your finished ones! they are turning out awesome!!!) and if things run super smooth and i somehow manage to get a few extra hours here and there this week i’ll be updating my etsy shop with a few more things. but that’s only if the stars, moons, and waste matter, all aligns right. if not this week then by next week i should have a few new things going on there.

holy mother of all that is good!
when i asked you guys to see if you wanted to play and send in gingerbread sightings… of the response.
not only was he seen all over the united states, he went abroad as well.
i have to admit i was a little jealous that he was spotted on top of the Eiffel tower, or that he was seen surfing, or hanging out with ichiro of the seattle mariners, and then went to georgia tech to hang out with buzz. we even got an autographed photo.
my kid knew how cool he was when he came home with a back pack stuffed full of postcards, cards, envelopes, and pictures (some with photoshoped images of the little dude doing some fun stuff)
you guys are awesome. and we thank you. and the school kindergarten thanks you too!

and speaking of the school thanking you:

you guys also have sent in to help out our little school with box tops. last count the office gave me was close to 400 box tops.
the principle would like to thank you for your time and postage to send in them box tops to our little school.
seriously, not only that but i’ve gotten emails with suggestions of other programs, and some great fund raising ideas. THANK YOU.
we’re hoping to to a community garage sale this coming spring where everyone in our community will donate garage sale item things and with the sales we make we hope to continue to increase our amount of money to go towards getting our school an updated, and up to code playground for the kids!
so please keep the box tops coming! and thank you!!!

okay so now it’s off to prepare for friends and family coming and staying with us this coming weekend, for new years festivities and my 8 year old baptism.
we’ll talk soon.

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