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so happy to introduce…


okay here she is…the HOLLY (get it because of the hollyhocks that inspired me to FINALLY make her real instead of just in my head) she’s so darn cute, and she’s coming to you in myetsy store next week…but not just in blue…in pink, brown, green, yellow…and when i go through all of these fabrics i have (that have been sitting here since oh maybe march just for THIS project) i’ll definitely be buying some black and orange and some more super cute fabrics…but wait it gets better!yeah she’s reversible! and the yo-yo pin can be switched out! cause yup…i’m making just the yo-yo pins to sell as well! so now i’m going to start creating as many as i can for next wednesday (that’s when all these little pretties will be up for sale! well at least the purses with the coordinating yo-yo are)