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will you help me help my friend?


kelly and i have been friends for a while.
since college actually.
two smart mouthed college girls.
we hit it off and stayed friends.
since then we’ve both moved away from our beloved california, have married equally if not more than ourselves smart mouthed men, and created little spawns that we love and adore to pieces.

last year she celebrated her birthday with a service project. i missed out on helping because i was a little too involved in celebrating the husband coming home from afghanistan.
i want to make up for not helping last year.
this year she’s celebrating her birthday the same way
i emailed her and said i wanted to help. and i asked her how the best way to help her would be.
she asked me to ask my super awesome readers if they would be able to make some receiving blankets.
these are the requirements for the blankets:

receiving blanket guidelines:

  • fabrics: cotton flannel or lightweight fleece
  • size: two pieces of fabric, each between 36″ square and 45″ square
  • you may also use a medium weight fleece. it needs to be a single layer, 36″ by 36″ with the edges serged.

she also gives you instructions:

to make the blanket:

  • with right sides facing each other, sew the two pieces of fabric together with a ¼” seam around the edges. leave a 6″ opening.
  • turn the blanket so the right side is out.
  • you may also serge two pieces together, no turning needed.
  • baste opening edges and topstitch around the entire blanket for durability.
  • sew a 10″ square in the center to keep the fabric from shifting.
  • a narrow crocheted edge or piping border is acceptable but not required.
    she needs 20 more blankets. thanks she’s got all she needs! you guys are awesome!

    i just made her two more.
    that means i’m asking 18 of you to help me make up the difference. thank you to all of you that stepped up and so many more of you that were willing!

    i’ll give you something if you like for your help.
    i will give the 18 gals who make kelly a blanket a free V and Co. pattern. your choice.
    here’s her email address.
    contact her, help her in making these kits for babies who need this.
    and i’ll give you a little thank you pattern for your time and generosity.
    the ones that were able to help will you PLEASE send me an email saying that you are mailing her a blanket so i can give you a free pattern? thank you!!!

    so anyone want to help?
    who’s with me?
    v and co loves her sponsors check out what’s your virtue

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