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pumpkins, and a nine patch quilt in the works


dear GI joe husband,
next year you get to carve the pumpkins because your boys are pansies and couldn’t handle the “gross innards” they then decided that carving them was “too hard” so yeah guess what… i did all 3 of the boys, and i’m pretty sure my hand is going to be cramped into the formation of holding a carving knife for a looooong time. they need you around to show them how to be men. my favorite quote of the night was from your 8 year old son who said “mom, you are doing such a great job, even if it doesn’t look good, you are doing a great job.” gee thanks kid. he then added “no, i’m not saying it looks bad, but if it were to look bad you are doing a great job anyways.” hmm, i think i’ll take that as a compliment,i heard “great job” three times so i’m taking that and running with it… i’m having that kind of day (well it’s sure a whole heck of a lot better than sunday).
oh and this weekend wasn’t ALL bad, before it went down the toilet my fabulous friend who just so happens to be a professional quilter and i got together on saturday, she came over and while our seven children ran in circles and jumped on the trampoline, she worked on her applique, and i started to sew all my strips together for my nine patch…i got to do a little more yesterday and that made me happy.
your adoring wife who’s still trying her darndest to hold on tight to anything just to keep the sanity.