it may be fall outside, but it feels like spring in here


i ‘m so in love with the whole process of the grandmother’s flower. of course give me a few more hundred of these babies and we’ll see what kind of tune i’ll be singing then. but i love the fact that i can go anywhere and at anytime just start working on it.

i want to thank all of you that suggested tutorials, who made me tutorials, and who shared their stories that went along with making this magnificent quilt. the long and slow process of this quilt makes for some wonderful stories that go along with them. i wonder what mine will be?

my house needs some major tlc. so for the next few days i’m going to deep clean it. i was able to take some more family pictures (with the husband included this time). the next few days will be spent with the little one (while the boys are at school) working by my side while we clean and organize (for a 2 year old she sure is good at it, and not in your traditional 2 year old way…she’ll be teaching me a thing or two by the her next birthday i’m sure) i’m also planning to work on my nine patch and check out some of you that have made yourself known on my blog (i’ve attempted a few times only to be frustrated that blogger has issues and timesout and i can’t get to your links). i love meeting all of you! oh and i hear some of you might want a tutorial on the nine patch? okay i’ll start working on that.

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