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the most wonderful time of the year…


ah yes the most wonderful time of the year.
or so you would think…

yes, this week started out with being one of our last hurrah’s of going to the pool.
as the children played and swam and jumped off the high dive, the mothers on the sidelines were a chatter of how we were all ready and done with school shopping and we just couldn’t wait to get back onto the natural schedule that school gave our lives. some of us were even a little giddy as to get our “other life” back of eating and talking with friends as we let the younger still left at home children play for a few hours only to go and have the rest of the day to either do errands with only two to four extra little hands grabbing things or to do some extra cleaning or some extra catching up on some AWESOME books that just came out (seriously how awesome IS that series?!!) or catch up on projects that have been put on the back burner for some time. whatever the case the excitement was there. i admit i was one of the ring leaders.

tuesday came and went a little too fast. trying to tie lose ends and such things.

wednesday was spent at the pool with the knowledge that this in fact would be it till the weekends if we got around to coming at all…

wednesday night the boys got haircuts, clothes were laid out, and alarm clocks were dusted off and set.

a nervous excitement was all around the house. and it was hard to get everyone to quiet down enough to fall asleep for a while. ahem even me…”imagine all three boys in school…i’ll get so much done! and then katie later on in a couple of months two times a week.” *big grin*

then the morning of…
i get breakfast ready after my early morning walk, scriptures are read and prayers are had. groomed boys are all ready a few minutes too early and are chomping at the bit to get going.
“MOM! we’re going to be late!!!”
“no you are not, quit it and smile for me!”
this is the best picture by far that i got from them as threats were made on my end that we could do it there or we could do it in front of their class WITH their teachers as their friends watched.

that’s right I WON.

“is that it? did you get it?” boys asked
no faster as i said “ye…s”
katie and i were left in the dust.
that’s right even my 1st grader was gone.
i stood there a little lost. then one little cute girl pulled on my hand and asked me where the 1st grade was. i started to show her the way and then another one asked do you know where 1st grade was.

i ended up with a couple of cute little people following me to first grade.

and well that’s when it started to happened.
as i turned the corner i saw my first grader sitting quietly in the front row.
*BIG GRIN* twitter of the stomach…
oh geez i’m okay.
we waved he waved back…

as we waited around and started working on the bulletin boards to get them up to speed in the hallways, the bells ring and all is quiet. we moms got busy working in the hall all happy and getting ready for the pep rally we were going to support and help out with.

as the time neared, and we started cheering and greeting the kids in the gym…the second twang of emotion hit.

what in the…? i’m EXCITED remember?!!!

as my kids’ classes come in and the cheering continues i’ve gone from a completely excited mom to get her kids in school to itchy eyes, twitching nose, trying to hold in the flow that is about to happen to a cotton-headed ninny-muggins with tears streaming down her face.

my friend looks at me and asks “vanessa are you okay?”
i bob my head up and down and then side to side.
“NOPE. not one bit. i’m such a dork.”
*big huge pathetic grin*

yup and there you have it.
cool confident can’t wait to get those boogers i call my children out the door on to the next school year on monday to a bawling mess of a loser by thursday morning at 9 am.

after the mini meltdown of 4.5 seconds…katie and i went to the grocery store and we got drinks and chocolate.

only way to handle the first day of school if you ask me.
now…onto figuring out life again with a little too much extra time on my hands.