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9 years ago today…


you were born and threw me into the “i’m a mom” world.

here are some fun facts about you right now:

*you have an incredible imagination that just doesn’t quit

*your siblings look up to you and you can make any situation exciting

*you and i have our highs and lows, but we also have some of the most tenderest moments

*you love love LOVE to collect things

*you are full. of. personality.

*you are quite the artist, and love to do anything artistic…plus you are quite good at it too!

*i’ve been told you should go into theater (we’ll have to look into that)

*you are GREAT with babies

*you are my real life “dennis the menace” and have scared a few babysitters away

*you are so sweet to your little sister, and she ADORES you.

*you are an animal lover and quite the activist always making sure animals are not mistreated

*you and i are very alike in our “quirks”, but you and i both know we can relax and breath soon because daddy’s almost home.

i really can’t wait to see who you grow into. you are so special and i know once life gets more on track there will be more peace, and happiness in your little body!

happy birthday kid

always know that we love you and think the world of you.

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