another first for me


i’ve been wanting to make these forever, well just for a few months actually and i finally got around to making them yesterday. i think these are better than any school picture up on the wall could ever be. i think i’ll make one for each kid every january. i bought the frames one at a time when i went to walmart every week, they were $3 each (not bad) although i really wanted the oval ones but they were $8 each. the mattes were white so i thought i would spruce them up with some paint.

i decided on blue paint, i’m still debating wether or not i like the color, i almost went with a tan brown, or a sage green, i really wanted a light blue but out in the middle of nowhere you just have to deal with what ya got…i don’t know i’ll see how i feel about it in a week

oh and the quilt. since so many asked about it… actually it’s just a fabric panel by MODA (of course) that looks like a quilt top and it’s been made into a throw quilt…quite clever those MODA people…

have a good weekend, i’m hoping to catch up with some friends and relax a little and see if this cold thing goes away anytime soon, i mean GI Joe husband is coming home soon so i guess it’ll be good to have the “sexy” low flem voice, but not so much the snot that goes along with it…

edited:: okay i posted in my comments area how i did it but i’ll post it here cause so many of you keep askin’

i talked about a tutorial that i sort of used the method in this post here but i just did the magic wand around the kid’s heads (so that the background was “cut away” and then traced it onto white paper from the computer screen, then i colored it in with a permanent marker and cut it out… a little wonky yes but it works and i thought it turned out good. next year i’ll try paint but that just sounds harder to do!

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