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agitation for most kids, means anger for katie


they told me that she would wake up from the operation disoriented and agitated….

oh crap, so of course when i went in to see my adorable little girl asleep after the tubes were inserted, i was relieved and i smiled, the doctor and nurse smiled back and said everything went great, and she should be waking up in a couple of”…SCREAM!!!! flailing of the arms and anger comes too soon for the doctor to finish, “uh…yeah some kids come out a little more angry than others” dont patronize me i know the girl came with attitude, i try to do all the things they told me to do that would calm her down, the bottle, she grabs it and chucks it, starts grabbing at her clothes and arching her back…”wow she’s mad.” yeah you think?! i ask if i can hold her, they say sure, take her vitals as well as they can. the nurses look at me, smiling kind of nervously, i say stupidly “that’s my girl” and when we can’t console her the nurse asks me if i want to change her back into her jammies to see if that helps. “sure lets try that.” it takes all my power and the nurse to keep her on the bed as i tackle putting on her pj’s all the while katie arches her back and throws a fit. “really hates the get her diaper changed, and clothes changed…” i say in between breaths…the nurses finally stop trying to help after 15 minutes and katie is still pretty mad at everyone, but not screaming like before, just swearing at everyone in her katie cries, so i take my adorably cute screaming in baby language “you fools, imbeciles, idiots, what have you done to me!” daughter, and with the help of the cowarding nurse that got the short straw out of the bunch to help me out of the hospital, we make it to my car only for me to stress out that i’m going to look like a horrible mother trying to “push” my daughter who has become a stiff board out of stubbornness because she sees the car seat. i start to try to “fold” her into her chair, and i tell the nurse thank you, and she starts to walk away backwards with big eyes, yeah i know…

finally get her in the car, and start the car, katie makes a final protest and then “ah ah” for her bottle, i give it to her she drinks it and within minutes of driving she’s smiling and then conks out. “for the love of…YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING ME” drive the rest of the way home, she’s sleeping profoundly. get home, turn off the car, and she wakes up a little and whimpers, and then i try to put her down she does not want to sleep, instead she wants to play. “you know i’ve been up since 4:45 this morning right?” i ask her, she just smiles, and starts playing with her doll house (given to us by our neighbor) oh well, i don’t know if this will help with the general crankiness, but here’s to hoping!

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