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ugh!!!!! ranting on the phone, crying and holding back as much as i can on the foul language!!!! WHY i ask you WHY do i get a phone call less than 24 hours prior to my daughter’s surgery, that there’s a problem with the pre-authorization(and they tell me it takes at LEAST 48 hours to fix it) and, WHY i ask you WHY is everyone pointing the finger at everyone else for dropping the ball on this?!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I NEED CHOCOLATE, I NEED TO SCREAM, AND I SWEAR IF I HAVE TO TALK TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER SERVICE WHO EVER SO LAMELY TELLS ME ” well i don’t know what to tell you” I’M GOING TO REACH THROUGH THE PHONE AND STRANGLE THEM!!! i need to go for a run in my pasture.
Okay so apparently my ranting at anyone that i could get a phone # for was in my favor, after everyone saying it was someone elses fault and that no one could do anything and with me saying someone HAS to do something (with calling every hour on the hour for at least 4 hours to the same three people the primary doctor’s office, the specialist’s office, and the insurance company) it’s done! we’re authorized AGAIN, and my little girl can get her tubes put it! pretty sure katie screaming in the background had a little to do with it too! 🙂