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out with the christmas, in with the…hearts?


christmas tree down: check
christmas decor put away:check
christmas aftermath still a frenzy in the kids room: check
driving to go see the in laws this weekend to celebrate late christmas with them: check
winter decor put up:che….wait i don’t have any “winter” decor…not a fan of snowmen, i like snowflakes but i don’t have too many…soooooo
valentines decor put up: check
next week i’ll show you some more, and i’ll finally show you what i’ve been working on with my vinyl tablecloth…i know you’ve been holding your breath.
i got a few snapshots of the little one and her own personal pony.

she absolutely loooves that dog, er pony, and he tolerates her just fine…that makes me very happy.

she makes me happy.