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now you’ve gone and made me cry…


dear middle of nowhere people,
well what can i say. i know some of you have started to read this silly little blog of mine, so i thought i would take the opportunity to say to you all THANK YOU. thank you thank you thank you. never in my wildest dreams did i think possible that you could already outdo yourselves in taking care for my family. everything from calling to making sure i’m okay, to waking up to the sounds of a tractor fixing my broken pipe, to looking out my window and seeing yet another tractor clearing off my driveway of the pesky white stuff…today you proved me wrong. to my surprise i opened the door not once but twice to wonderful ladies of the community (a sheriff included…yeah we’re that cool) with their arms full to the brim with presents for my little ones (AND SOME FOR ME TOO!) to give you a little perspective, i wrapped up our presents that i went out and bought in white…YEAH, do you SEE any white in there? oh it’s peppered in there but it’s drowned in a sea of wonderful gifts donated by you guys to my family. so yes thank you for making up for someone not being here. *blubbery mess*

and GI Joe husband, the community also sent out a huge package of necessities for you and the guys overseas, as well as letters written by all the elementary school children, well all except nate’s class. no, i got those wonderful letters here waiting for you when you come home to us. so to all of you out there in big cities and not out in the middle of nowhere, i’m really sorry you don’t know these people, they have got to be hiding their wings and halo’s somehow, because i’m pretty sure that’s what they are. dog gone it, i really need to invest in water proof makeup.