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the big ONE-OH


today that’s how old my oldest noisemaker is.

a few fun things about you right now:
*your passion is history…more precisely world war I and world war II

*you have so much in common with your dad and grandfather it’s not even funny. (no really it’s not)
case in point:
there are many times when you do something that makes me look at you and go “i mean seriously?…what WERE you thinking?!” to which your dad will whisper to me something along the lines of “i’m having a flash back right now of when i was nate’s age and my mom would look at me and say the same exact thing for something pretty close to what he just did.” i’ve had this same whispered conversation with your grandfather as well.

not only that, but you and your grandfather both share the love of CRAZY cats that only love you and hiss and scratch and and hide from everyone else.

* amongst your peers you can see someone having a hard time and you will try your darnedest to make it okay.

*you have a weird bond with animals.

*you also have this special bond with your brother

*you still like to draw except now it’s all about tanks and soldiers and yeah more war stuff.

*you make life interesting to say the least.

*it’s been wonderful watching you turn into a young man.

*i’m proud to be your mom.

we love ya kid and hope you have a great fantabulous 10th birthday.

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