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that’s how old my third noisemaker is today.

here’s a few fun facts about you right now:

  • you are STILL always happy. (we don’t get, it but we love it).
  • you may be small for your age but you are the loudest kid we own.
  • every night at 11:07 (give or take a few minutes) you wander around the house till dad or i direct you to the bathroom.
  • YOU LOVE CEREAL. doesn’t matter what kind, you want it, and you’ll take it at any moment.
  • you just recently have taken a liking to your little sister.
  • you ROCK at reading and counting.
  • you’re brothers are your best friends.
  • you’re favorite video game is “little big planet”
  • you are really good on the skate board.
  • no matter how many times we put you back in your bed at night, the first thing dad sees in the morning is you, in our bed.
  • no one in the family can clean the your bedroom as good as you do. it’s a talent i tell you. it makes me proud.

little dude you are so awesome. and we love having you in our family. you make life fun and make people happy because you are so happy.
i hope your day is great.

happy birthday!
we love you.