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chasing cows in flipflops and felt strawberries…


uh yeah the boys “accidently” let the cows out, but not just into our backyard….no not even into our front yard…when the boys finally came to tell me what they had done (i haven’t seen them this scared to tell me ANYTHING in their lives) the cows were grazing down the street and were on the move. “what the…how the…UGH!!!!” so off running i go, and flash backs of the goats run through my head…i know how to chase i mean herd goats cause i had to do it every single day when i was dumb enough to have them, but i don’t have a clue how to herd cattle…don’t i need a stallion and some really cool cowboy boot and a hat (that wouldn’t look ridiculous on the city girl really trying super hard to fit in?) so what did i do i started waving my arms and and “kakawing” at them…and why the heck did all of a sudden so many cars decide to come down my street and slow down as they passed me? pretty sure they were saying something like “there goes that stupid city girl doing…what exactly is she trying to do anyways?” yeah, so when the neighbor across the street (the ones that have lived here all their lives not the one that had her 6th baby) and asked “do you need some help?” i graciously and exasperatedly said a heartfelt “YES PLEASE!” all he then did was block their way one way (the direction away from my house…oh genius!) i sure could of used a lesson in not looking like a fool herding cows right about now is all i could think of…so the cows are back in, and i can’t wait to hear “what were you doing out there with those cows?” comments from the town.

i did finish the cute felt strawberries that i’ve been working on for the little one. and i made some new pillows for my bed…pictures to come later on that… as i’m transforming my bed…i want to show you the final product instead of just bits and pieces…

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