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this will make you snort laugh…okay maybe


or maybe it will make you unsubscribe to my blog.
i don’t know.
either way i HAD to write this down and document it.
(if you are one of those very impressionable young girls from my church that i teach on sunday’s, please back away from the computer turn off your screen, ask your parents to turn on some nice church music, oh and i’ll see you on sunday! :))
i was having one of those days, you know the kind that comes once a month add on a headache, a bag of choc chips later and some really mind blowing moments that you think to yourself “i can’t believe this person has a job trying to help me AND GETTING PAID, when he doesn’t even understand what he’s saying himself.” on the phone with the bank that ate up my other bank when they filed for bankruptcy because they were idiots. yeah YOU guys. how infuriating can you get? and please don’t put me on the phone with some guy in who knows what country (no offense) who learned my language as a second language trying to fix a problem with my mortgage in “mortgage language” that i don’t even understand in my own language. *DEEP BREATH*
just don’t
see, that time of the month.

anywho, i digress.
during this time katie gets to enjoy a little more tv watching time, seeing that i’m a raging hormonal roller coaster, currently on the verge of tears because i just ate, yet again, frosting from the container.

as it also goes, always during this time of the month, i feel like the things i’ve put upon myself are too much and i don’t know where to begin, i bring it all out, make a mess, and i walk around picking up and putting down half way worked on projects, start something only to remember that i have something else that needs attention only to go back to the first thing… you get what i’m putting down.

anyways she’s watching this episode

of ni hao ki lan in the back ground of my “i don’t know the meaning of my life” moment…and i hear part of the show, i start to pay attention a little more and yup… “snow” in ni hao ki lan land sounds a lot like “oh swear word” if you get what i mean.
but also the way they use it in the sentences. i couldn’t just let it go.

i sat there staring at the tv mouth gaping wide open.
and then it started “heh…heh..hmmm.haha…HA! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! uncontrollable laughter, the kind that makes you almost pee your pants, well, unless you’ve had 4+ kids like myself then it actually does make you pee your pants kind of laughter. i paused it, wiped away the tears, sighed and re-wound it.
maybe it’s not as funny the second….NOPE STILL HILARIOUS!!!!!
katie laughed pretty hard too. not knowing why her mom was rolling on the floor looking like she was having a nervous breakdown, i guess she figured she might as well enjoy the “mommy you so crazy and funny moment”
i had to call my neighbor (the one with 6 kids) she found it mildly funny, somewhat disturbing that i would waste my time in calling and making her listen to it over the phone.
and then i realized there’s a whole section in utube dedicated to this one episode. this one is one of my favorite reactions
and i rewound it and recorded it so i could show mr v and co when he comes home from work.

good times.

oh and when i say “that time of the month” i’m not talking about my period. i’m talking about the insane period that comes the week right before the actual “time of the month”.
yeah, that.
anyone else like that?
my husband would really like to know.

ps:i have updates on where the gingerman has been, and on box tops. all i have to say for now is that you guys are awesome! 😉
we’ll talk soon.