The Blog

um… thank you blogging?


right when i took this picture nate looks at me and asks “are you going to put that on the computer and blog it?” “um i think i just might…” “okay”
i went to the bedroom because after they were freaking out about the dinosaur poster and it’s positioning, i went back to the kitchen to clean up dinner, and told them to clean up their room, they did, but it was super quiet so i went to go check on them, and sure enough this is what i saw… are you kidding me? then this morning as i was doing my quick looks of blogs i turn around and… are you kidding me?! ryan is unloading my dishwasher, unasked unmotivated for a prize…nothing! i actually say it out loud “are you kidding me?” and ryan looks up and says “no, i’m doing your dishes for you.” so i run and get my camera…and he asks “are you going to put that in the computer and blog?” “um i think i will…”
who are these children? and where did you come from? and better question asked can you sew? i would really like to say that my parenting is just that good, but i know better, because even though my children do do wonderful things here and there and i could take full responsibility for it, i also would have to take full responsibility for the hitting and yelling and not listening that they do too, so i ‘ll just say they do what they do because….of blogging? or is the token system just that good? hmmm. now if taking pictures to blog about or the token system would help katie’s crankiness due to ear infections, we would be golden! but i think we wont hold our breaths and just get the tubes put in her ears! (april 1st is the big day!)