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sweet escapes


do you ever feel like a failure as a parent?
*sigh* sometimes the best remedy for EVERYTHING is a great book. just finished yet another hale book, goose girl, this one won my heart. loved it. and when i got home from yet another emotionally draining day of being the mother bear and trying to explain to the principle and teachers that my son is not acting out, out of defiance, but rather that negative attention is better than no attention and we need to do constant fine tuning of trying to find how to help my oldest cope with school life and those around him, (he’s just barely making a friend, those other boys are still there looming and taunting, and i have to remind them that he’s doing all his work at home and at school) but that his only way to try to get attention is to be a class clown. i’ve tried to explain to them that he’s been doing so well at home with the token system, and that i NEED for them to do something like this in the classroom if not for the whole class then for just my kid to help with the behaviors. i think i may be getting through to them. i find myself too tired, no too exhausted to create, sew, or think. tired of worrying, tired of crying, tired of the headaches that go with the two mentioned before. so what have i been doing, i’ve been escaping to different worlds that books bring to me, love and deceit, sword fights, and smart young maidens with quick tongues. i always have mixed emotions when i finish a book that is not in a series, on one hand i love that i got to finish the story and i get to “pick” my next travel, but on the other hand, it’s over, our friendship is cut short. so yeah, i’ve been needing A LOT of escaping these days, but that just means i get to live their lives for a few days and get to escape my sometimes draining life.