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Scream free parenting


I’ve been been reading this book “Scream Free Parenting” and like most books like that, I lose interest before they give you all the details on how to do the actual “scream free” part. well I have to share my version of scream free parenting…the other day started out just like any other day after school, CHAOS… Ryan and Kyle were running around in circles, Katie was in her chair screaming cause she was out of snacks and Nate of course was arguing with me that he didnt need to do his homework. I managed to get Kyle and Ryan to play in their room, Katie some snacks, and Nate was still doing, well, was pushing buttons. He has this talent of taking 5 to 20 minutes on each math problem. The aggrivating part is that I know he can do the whole page in less than 2 if he wanted to. But this day he was not going to let up, so after 45 minutes or so of “come Nate, you are so smart Nate, I know you can do THIS NATE…” the other boys start running back in screaming and yelling because Kyle or Ryan had the others toy, there was crying and running , and that set Katie off who was just finally becoming content and I had FINALLY got to put her down for a minute. So three kids yelling and crying and screaming, katie trying to grab my legs, and then I lost Nate, (he only had like two more problems left, and then I could finally start dinner) he started in on the fun and and I lost it. You know that shaking feeling that kids better be running away from you cause you were going to SCREAM and START GRABBING! SO I with shaking voice say “I’ve got to go!!!!” and I ran outside. It was freezing but I didn’t care, I wasnt going to yell at them. And I became a crazy person. I ran from one side of my pasture to the other side. I’m sure that the nieghbors were saying something like “I really don’t understand them city folk, I mean look at her, she’s rambling off something and running like a mad cow!” The kids had all stopped what they were doing and I could hear them saying “Mom? What are you doing mom? She’s funny! HI MOM!!!” everytime ran past that window I heard them. I screamed up at the sky for patience, and then as I walk back into the house red faced and exausted, I walk in to shouts of joy “YEAH MOM!!” I smile wipe the tears and sit and Nate asks “Are you okay now?” “Yes, yes I am.”

I just have to mention that this happened a few weeks ago, and since then, whether its that we’re on a schedule without Jake, or whether my frantic tatic to Not yell at them scared them and don’t want to see mommy lose it again, or weather it’s the Lord helping us through this time in trying to do our best without my wonderful partner, we are doing a lot better. Nate’s doing Awsome at school, and the boys are trying so hard to be nice to eachother, Katie’s become a little more independent, and I havn’t had a “running like a mad cow” incident since that day!