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Learning from our children



So we made it back from our hectic trip to Salt lake and back, we left last night and came back today. All in all it was a good trip, we saw the neurologist, and they did their tests on Nate, and now we do the waiting game. He promised to give me news once he knew something. But in talking with Nate and with me he assessed that a lot of his involuntary movements are driven by stress and anxiety. Who could blame the little guy?! Moving three times in one school year, having your dad be gone for 6 months, having a great grandma that was living under the same roof as you pass away, and then having the news of dad having to leave again and those incidents in July was the last straw. So for now we are just focusing on making his homelife relaxing (hmmm…with three siblings who are all younger I’ll do my best) And we pray, and we just love him. He’s such a great kid. It just pains me to see him have to go through this at such a young age. He’s defitnitly amazing. He shows me how to be a better person all the time. Just the other day he told the one of the boys that was taunting him that even though he was mean to him that he knew he was still a nice boy. Um yeah I had something else in mind to say to that kid, but Nate defitnitly has an attribute that I need to work on. He’s always the first to be willing to forgive those who have hurt him, and usually is willing to say “it’s okay” and put an arm around that someone who’s been hurt, I need to learn a lot from that kid.