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Up to Primary Children’s Hospital we go


Up to this point I’ve kind of kept a closed lip on some of the things that Nate’s been going through. But seeing that i’m using this as a Journal and kind of scrapbooking (niether of which I’m really good at) I thought that I would start adding this “adventure”. Last July we started to hear rumors that Jake would be getting deployed, while fishing Nate accidently got a fishhook stuck in his hand while picking up rocks and throwing them into the lake (really deep that Jake had to push it through to the other side) and a week later had a propane tank explode while camping and Nate miracously walked away with burns on only his right hand and singed hair. I mention this because it was after these three incidents that Nate started to have involuntary twitches, starting out as just a shoulder shrug, and when school started in mid August it had gotten so bad that it looked like he was having seizures, he couldnt control his body and was having a difficult time even trying to take a drink from a cup. You could imagine how hard it’s been to make friends at a new school . All they know about Nate is that he’s the new kid who can’t sit in his chair and who’s arms and legs flail about all day long. To put frosting on the cake for the kid, he’s got a few boys in the other class that have been bullying him. (once I found out about them I rose HELL and made sure that those kids parents were called and told what they were saying to my son) We’ve been trying to figure stuff out, and trying to see what works, so far we’ve been doing the token system (Nate refused to do any work at school, and homework was a nightmare) and it’s made a huge difference in his wanting to do his work to get rewards, but we are still puzzled over the “tics” and we want to make sure he’s not having seizures. He’s on some medicines that have helped “calm” them down, but it’s like putting a bandaid to leaky faucet, the problem is still there. So up to Primarys we go. We will be going to a neurologist just to make sure its not something on that end, and if it is well, we will at least be in going in the first steps in the right direction to helping him.