prayers needed

thankful for my noisemakers

my friend maggi who took our family pictures (and the picture on my profile) sent me an email to look at a blog of a little girl she took pictures for. i cried and cried. and then i thanked the Man Upstairs for my wonderful noisemakers and for their health. some of these little special […]

little miss alyssa june 2006-august 15th 2008

alyssa passed away on friday morning after battling cancer. she was only three months older than my little katie and was the most adorable, cutest, yummiest little girl you could ever see. she could wrap anyone around her finger in minutes with her charm. these past months have been so hard as a community to […]

my laundry pile has exploded

monkeys swinging from vines and landing in mud… building volcano’s with actual “water lava” explosions…( i swear they are going to have some AWESOME memories growing up together) this is what the boys did all day yesterday. oh and making a mountain of dirty laundry that had to be hosed off before it went into […]

no wamies, no wamies….please nooo wamies

every morning i wake up and think “why can’t it be saturday?” every monday i wake up and sigh, and say to my self “just so-n-so more days till school is out” every day i send out my 8 year old out my front door, i wonder “how’s today going to be like?” every time […]

a note from alyssa’s mom


this is posted at and when you sign in it’s under “alyssasjourney” but i thought i would post it cause so many of the prayers were from you guys too. all i have to say is that this little girl and her family is going through A LOT. 1 March 09, 2008 at 04:39 […]

Alyssa’s quilt

here’s the matching pillow i finished it last night! it actually looks like her! (fabrics all picked out by felicia) well here it is the quilt for alyssa. i really have to say that felicia is amazing as a quilter (she has her own buisness as a machine quilter). we started it and finished the […]

your prayers are needed

everywhere we have lived there have been special women that have come into my life, most of you are a product of that, and some are wonderful women i’ve never met face to face, but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for your friendships they mean the WORLD to me. being the special […]

Up to Primary Children’s Hospital we go

Up to this point I’ve kind of kept a closed lip on some of the things that Nate’s been going through. But seeing that i’m using this as a Journal and kind of scrapbooking (niether of which I’m really good at) I thought that I would start adding this “adventure”. Last July we started to […]

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