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Alyssa’s quilt


here’s the matching pillow i finished it last night! it actually looks like her! (fabrics all picked out by felicia)

well here it is the quilt for alyssa. i really have to say that felicia is amazing as a quilter (she has her own buisness as a machine quilter). we started it and finished the top yesturday and she finished it today, i’m making a little stitchery pillow (with ribbon) with coordinating fabric so that it can hang off the hospital bed or on her door it will say little princess. we’re so excited to get to give this to her, she’s the most adorable little girl! there is also a huge county garage sale and all money made will be donated to the family. i tell you ladies, this area is in the middle of nowhere but they sure do take care of eachother! thank you for the prayers!

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