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V and Co: the book…as in MY book


soooooo i am going to quilt market in houston this fall.

first time ever at fall market.

i have no need to be there except for really only one reason…

and well here it is. (oh i feel like i’m going to throw up)

i’m doing a school house for my first time ever book.

hold on let me sit down. catch my breath and talk myself through this…


i’ve been working in between being mom, writing a blog, writing patterns for my shop, and writing patterns for quilts and more magazine, on this one big project.

i had many nights writing , many days sewing, many MANY conversations with neighbors, friends, and family of  “do you like this…or this?”

and to all who were involved in that process, thank you (*tears in eyes* i kind of wish i was still there in the middle of nowhere so my neighbors and i could do the happy dance together. miss you guys…)

so a little about my book: 

make it sew modern: gather, twist, pleat, texture

patterns that will add some texture to your life.

you will find in my book:



-decorating accents


-no-sew projects


-little girls clothing

and other stuff… 😉

yeah it’s got a little bit of everything you could say…well because that’s what i do…a little bit of everything. 🙂

as my husband and i sat and stared at the screen reading my name on the proposed cover i turned to him and said “it feels like that process was a dream.” last year had a lot of ups and downs so to throw a book in there was crazy but it actually all worked out pretty good in the end. our world turned upside down with the news of my husband’s company closing just a few weeks after my final deadline of shipping all my projects to be photographed. of course other deadlines of words to be edited, and final touches to be made still loomed but that was as most people like to say “not the hard part”. at that time i became best friends with my editor and i even joked about having her come over for thanksgiving dinner this next year. the offer is still there and that friendship bond is still there even though that part of the process is over. 😉

i am truly humbled at the hard work that goes into making a book come to life. it starts with ideas, and ends with a lot of people in a lot of different departments who believe in your abilities and keep cheering you on through the process, and for that i thank Martingale for taking this novice at…well, basically everything book related…and making her…uh a little less novice and naive of the process. you are an amazing company to work with thank you.

but really this book would NOT of happened one single bit…if i didn’t have my husband to constantly talk me off the ledge of the “i can’t do this, i’ve bitten more than i can chew” cliff. because lets just say this, even without a book involved he has to talk me off that ledge more often than not, and i’m grateful to have such a supportive, funny, and encouraging spouse. i really am lucky to of married my very own best friend. “for like ever” right?

okay so be gentle…what do you think?

you gonna go to houston too? you gonna come see me?

if you wanna pre-order a signed copy of my book click here.

and i thanks you ahead of time. 🙂