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V and Co: new pattern coming soon: the beach bag


the beach bag pattern available october 2011

remember a while back this last summer i showed you a little peek of what i was sewing? well it was this bag that i am so happy to finally be able to show you, and to give you a little of a bio of the bag.

fabric: is by cabbages and roses through moda available at quilt stores this month (look for it!)

use of bag: well obviously you can use it for the beach…but don’t stop there! use it to go to farmers market, or use it to carry a blanket to sit on when you go to the park or to a friend’s picnic. (i’ve used it for a church bag, and for the pool as well!)

 when the lovely gals at cabbages and roses asked me to work with this fabric line i immediately gravitated towards the stripes. they were gorgeous in my eyes: simple and two toned, they were a recipe for simple classiness. they  have an array of coordinating florals and solids in this line  (ahem but i REALLY want the navy blue stripe next!!!)

 um and speaking of simple classiness: check out their other products:

they have a beautiful collection of fabrics, clothing, and homegoods. when taking my pictures of the bag i wanted to keep the simple feel that they express in their photos. i love everything in the way they set up their shot, and i can tell you one thing, i am on the hunt for some lovely simple second hand slightly banged up chairs to use in photo shoots in the future.

ah yes, but lets get back to my bag shall we?

of course it being the middle of summer when i got to work with the fabric all i could think of was spending the whole day at the beach, like i did as a teen.

this bag would look so great at the beach. or on my shoulder while i wait on the dock to get on the boat, or at my feet while sitting on the bench reading a book.

the flower is detachable so you can have an even simpler look

my husband took one look at the bag and said “you could put katie in that! how big is that thing?” well its big.

and btw way to kill the “i’m a teen at the beach looking hot moment.”

in this bag you can carry towels, swim suits, flip flops, sun screen, maybe a little snack, and has an inside pocket for your cell phone, keys and glasses for when you are in the water.

or you can take a quilt, t-shirt and flats to dress down after work to hit the park or the BBQ your friend is throwing to celebrate the change of the season.

or you can take all your kid’s “shhhh toys” and snacks and coloring books and diapers and wet wipes to use it as a diaper bag.

or we can be realistic and say you can put basically everything minus the kitchen sink because you are a mom and you can find bandaids and long lost cheerios, half broken crayons, to do lists that were crumpled and lost, the spare key you’ve been wondering where it went, half torn coloring books, a couple of messed up barbies and clone troopers missing arms down at the bottom of any bag.

this bag can be that bag too.

whatever the case, this bag can handle it.

this bag is reversable if you want it to be as well. 🙂

this bag can carry everything you need (and a little more?) and i’m happy to announce that this pattern will be made available as a packaged pattern coming to my shop in october.(yup, this would be my second packaged pattern with the houndstooth being my first…both available in october for wholesale orders as well as individual sales in my shop)

breath…okay…two things i’ve been meaning to tell you…one last HUGE one left… maybe monday? 😉 any guesses?

oh and i made something else with that ruffle fabric. i might show you that this week too. we’ll play it by ear though. 😉

we’ll talk soon.

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