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V and Co: how to: easy doll diaper bag


katie’s birthday is at the end of this month. she is all about little tiny things…and babies. she plays house most of the day and if she’s not with her babies she’s playing with tiny little babies that fit in your hand (well, when she’s not bothering i mean playing with the dog.) i’ve worked on her kitchen (you can see a little of it here) in the past but now i’m focusing on her baby’s needs.

upon closer inspection you can see that this little bag is carrying quite a load, and if she’s anything like her mom…the more pockets the better to stuff crap in that you *think* you need. :/

this little bag was found at michaels in the scrap-booking section on clearance for $4.25. i’ve found like ones at walmart (in black and brown and pink)

when i saw it first (over a year ago) i thought “funny that looks like a diaper bag…oh my gosh that looks like a TOTALLY CUTE DIAPER BAG!!!” but i resisted. and walked away from it. many many many many times.


 but with micheal’s cute color and inside design, i couldn’t resist this last time. i was finally ready to make this into a diaper bag for katie, and my excuse of it’s her birthday month made it all that much easier. um especially when all she keeps talking about is baby rapunzel, and how much she wants her for her birthday… and any time i bring up ANYTHING else (seriously bikes and scooters even!) for her birthday she says “oh i like that! but i really want baby punzel.” (which sounds a lot like “baby pretzel” to the untrained ear.)

sigh. okay we’ll get that doll, with a ton of  hair that will look like a rat’s nest within a millisecond you get it…

so i went to work.

i went to target and got this cute starting kit for a diaper bag:

and i added a few other things i made like the zig zag quilt and an old cell phone i wasnt using any more…

changing pad went in first at the bottom… and we added lotion (for some reason not pictured (sorry!) but included in the collection that you get in the kit)

then the wipes and quilt…

bottles and sippy cups…

can’t forget the food…

and of course the cell phone. which makes this one:

yes, well minus the cloth diapers mom is still making!

um and any other suggestions on what else? i’m thinking a cute little baby book…i’ll have to think on how to execute that one.

hope she likes it as much as i do. 🙂

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