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V and Co: we will never forget


10 years ago i woke up early. jake was getting ready to go to school for the day, i went to the other room where we kept our computer, and dialed up our AOL acct only to bend over and look really close to really understand that that in fact was a picture of the twin towers one of them with smoke coming out of it.

i ran to the tv, and then numbly went to the bathroom and said to jake he needed to get out of the shower. my voice made him stop and look out to me. i continued to say “i think something really bad is happening. something really really bad on the tv.”

we then watched together a second plane hit the twin towers. jake went to school and called back and said it was really quiet and really still at school, everyone was glued to tv’s he will never forget that snapshot of time.

i watched with my little almost 2 year old at the time in utter horror as the twin towers fell. i grabbed nate, and held him in my small lap as i was pregnant with our second son who would be born three months later, and sobbed and realized our lives would never be the same from that day forward.

we will never forget.

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