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V and Co: book review: sewing from A to Z by nancy zieman


it’s my turn to talk about this book that nancy zieman has put together. if you haven’t watched any of nancy’s shows you can catch them here. they are full of information and has oodles of GREAT hints and tips anyone can use whether you are starting out or you are “seasoned” in sewing, nancy has great information always, and great guests! (i should know i’ve spent many a nights in bed with my laptop annoying the husband by saying “oh my gosh look how cool!”)

so seriously with all her oodles of ideas and tricks and tips, of course she would be the IDEAL person to do a sewing A to Z book. in this book you will find helpful hints from buttonholes to quilting, she uses the alphabet to guide you along so many techniques and ideas tweaked and made better. it’s a book i can’t NOT have. 🙂

the great part about me being a part of this book tour and telling you about this Book, is that i can also share this link  (you have to have a facebook acct to leave a comment…if you do not have a facebook acct just email your comment here: so that you can have a shot at being the ONE lucky winner of all the notions and books featured above! (dude that’s over $450 worth of loot…i think that’s some good winnings)

so go to it, the tour is almost over! make yourself lucky by leaving a comment on her blog (or emailing them!).

winner will be announce on nancy zieman’s blog.

comments closed and directed towards nancy zieman’s blog.

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ps i’m still working with the rest of my ruffle fabric. i’ll show you soon what else i’ve made.

we’ll talk soon!