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V and Co: on the cover and hanging out with cool kids


i got in the mail my cute issue of quilts and more the other day. and lo and behold i also got my cute little baskets ahem featured on the little side corner OF THE COVER. not in the front and center or anything but still ON THE COVER.

no that adorable cute quilt belongs to the talented kate and sherri.

it’s a really great magazine! and it’s pretty cool getting to sit in a magazine with some pretty cool kids. like joanna, camille, zombie, aneela, and lauren + jessi…i just hope they don’t figure out that i’m the nerdy kid at the table going “don’t notice that i’m a dork, don’t notice that i’m a dork…” 🙂 kidding the best thing about actually getting to meet all of these beautiful women and talk to them…is that they really are pretty dorky themselves too. oh man one way ticket out of the table coming on.

no really they are all NORMAL. but with some insane talent, but pretty down to earth. and that is very nice to know.

it’s pretty cool… i have to pinch myself when in situations like this, like when you are looking at a magazine or looking at your book and think “how the helen did this happen?” and then a kid yells from the bathroom she went poop…or a kid runs in from school and the first thing he yells is “MOM! you gave me DORRITTOOSS…” with this look of you know exactly what horrible thing you did to them by placing doritos in their lunch…or when kids are fighting that so and so had a millisecond of a longer time on the that

ONE controller than they did and how is the world SUCH AN UNFAIR PLACE where things like this happen!!…that’s when i’m thrown back into reality, of nothing has changed, still a chaotic mess of a person they call mom and honey. yup. me+kids+real life+husband= chaotic mess of a life where i forget about some of the cool accomplishments i’ve got under my belt.

but a good life none the less.

oh but WAIT speaking of books:


check out the little shpeal on me here.

buy the book for 20% off here.


pretty cool review of my book here by Generation Q magazine

where i get to hang out with Sweetwater (yay! hi there ladies!) and the ever cool natalie chanin of  Alabama Chanin.

oookay dookay…i’ve got to continue doing what i need to do because little monsters are coming  home in about an hour and half and i have about 15 hours of work to get done. sigh. all is well. 🙂

have a fantab weekend. 🙂

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