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V and Co: how to: painted heart bag


sorry i meant to get this all done and written yesterday, but i didn’t remember that monday was a holiday (aka my kids up my butt and needing me to do things all day long with them) till it was too late. and now i sit in a big empty quiet house with katie sitting next to me playing barbies. all is back to normal (aka boys back in school)

i mentioned before that i bought a three pack of these bags. so naturally you could expect at least one more how to using the bags. i think that last one is reserved for me, so i can have one of the applique bags but either in grays, yellows, or blues. or heck throw caution into the wind and go with eggplant. i know its a shade of purple, and i’m not a purple fan…but eggplant. eggplant i can do. we’ll see.

but for today lets make something cute for valentines day.

what you’ll need to make this bag:

-one of the three canvas tote bags found in the pack.

freezer paper

-puffy paint in red pink and white. (found in the crafting section with the paints)

-one pencil with a full eraser

-paper plate to mix paint


1. first you are going to cut out a 2 pieces of freezer paper (shiny face down) around the size of the bag front.

2. second, place one inside the bag to catch any paint bleeding. the second paper you need to fold it in half with the shiny side inside, and draw half of a heart.

3. third, cut out heart, open the freezer paper, and shiny side down, iron until it adheres itself to the bag front.

-place some paint on your paper plate and dip the eraser of the pencil down into the red paint so that the tip is covered in paint.

-proceed to dab and re-apply paint and dab paint. do this for about 1/3 of the way up.

-add a few random higher dots so it merges slowly into the next shade of pink.

-wipe off excess red paint. and then proceed to start the process all over again with the pink paint (adding a few dots of the pink into the red dot section)


-to create the light shade of pink i added some of the white paint and the pink paint together. 

then i proceeded to continue all the way up to the finish the rest of the heart.

– let it sit a little to dry, then slowly pull off the freezer paper.

and there you have an easy valentines celebration bag.

now if you’ll excuse me…i’m off to shovel the driveway and sidewalks...again. the husband called a snow removal place for me…but they don’t come out till tomorrow to give us an estimate…and i’m still too cheap to say we really need that.

i’m sure i’ll have more stories on that.

we’ll talk soon!

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