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 since moving here almost 6 months ago, i feel like life has been moving in fast forward motion. i blog sporadically. weekly mind you…but no set post, and no set hours like i am so fond of doing. i clean like a mad woman only to get aggravated that my house still needs to be organized to have things have places. so i can get back to my “everything has a place and everything in its place” mentality.

we are finding our routine, we are making new traditions, we are finding our groove, we are…moving forward.




crazy fast but good.

so this is a blog post about not much at all except for a few things of the happenings these last few days, a lot of blah de blahs of daily life. you know like how i used to blog about.

i have so many funny stories to tell you. i just wish i had a hour to write it down and tell you about it. my crazy trip to almost chicago. i can’t tell you how often i don’t know where i am in this part of the united states. there.are.no.freaking.mountains.or.beaches. to tell you which way you are driving. i can’t tell you which direction i am facing at any given moment, and even when i stare at the little compass in my car that says i’m going north i could have sworn i was driving east. what the heck. will this ever make sense? don’t know but i almost made it to chicago, *thinking* i was going home from a 30 minute drive from my home, i got on the freeway to come home and well…went the wrong way. 1 hour and 30 minutes later i’m at a rest stop asking jake when i’m suppose to get on the 330? and jake said within seconds of getting on the first freeway. yup…i drove 1 hour and 45 minutes towards chicago. but apparently time also moves super fast because i didn’t realize i was on the freeway for that long. the husband’s reaction went like “wha..how…whaaaaa?…no…how?….HOW did you not know you were going the wrong way? AND FOR like 90 miles?!” loooong pause…*que in hysterical laughter*…”OH MAN you are NEVER going to live this down.”

and yup, sure enough i get asked randomly from family members if i’m going to try to go to chicago today or if i need directions to the bathroom. :/ stupid family.

yup, there’s a lot that i could blog about and i think “oh man, i’ve got to write this down. i can’t make up this crap!” and then days fly by and then all the details are fuzzy and i can’t remember why it was so darn hysterical that i would use one whole blog post to write about it…but i’ll try to make a more concious effort to write them down, not so much for your benefit, but for the fact that we like to read sometimes some of the crazy stuff we do or say or how silly dad is in how he shows mom he loves her. we laugh a lot. again i find myself saying “life.is.good.” 🙂

 so the other day while trying to implement a schedule and going grocery shopping on wednesdays…i came across these freaking adorable plates for $1 at walmart. dude. bought 3. katie had the iron grip on them and was already talking about needing a place setting of 12 in the near future.

when i came home i was looking at them and asked katie if she wanted them in her kitchen as decoration. (since moving here i’ve not really decorated my house let alone her little kitchen area and all of a sudden i was having major ideas going on for a cute little girl kitchen that included these plates.) so we went downstairs to her kitchen grabbed the hot glue gun, and some ribbon.

 i cut ribbon at 2 1/2″ and hot glued the ribbon on. i’ve done this before to plates and they seem to hold up, and the plates being plastic, if they fell…oh well, get more permanent glue for the job…

 got a level out and:

 there you have it, the start of a cute little kitchen area. i’m now all vamped to try to find other cute things to get it more done. i’m sure i’ll share as that evolves. 🙂

ALSO we have gotten closer to the paint that i DON’T want on my walls.

i’ve decided there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many options. enough to cause a panic attack between “shade 1” or “shade 2” blarg. <–gurgling pirate alert.

 so we have 4 so far on the walls. yes WALLS i have a patchwork in different parts of the areas that are going to be painted.

 and unfortunately…every gray and every blue hue…comes out mauve or purple because of the way our house faces…again don’t ask me which direction cause i don’t know.

sooooooo…back to the drawing board on that.

i do think i am leaning more towards a cream white. it’s safe, it’s light, and it will make me happier than the yuck brown everyone adores. (sorry no offense).

and this last week we finally saw snow. i think like 10″ fell…but the wind was blowing fierce and we had so many huge drifts in our driveway and sidewalks. when the wind died down to less than fierce and just kind of beastly. i got out there with my (what felt like) little shovel spoon. and proceeded to *try* to shovel.

span forward 2 hours later:

i knew i must of looked bad. but it had to be done, so while the neighbors started to come home and my neighbor got her snowblower out and did her driveway and sidewalk in like 20 minutes flat…she so kindly looked at me and started to snow blow what i had like a hour ago shoveled that was yet again getting drifted on.

im pretty sure it was my froozen boogers running sideways off my face onto my matted hair, that tipped her that i was out there for a little longer than what felt like forever. i was so grateful of her kindness and she got the rest of it done will i kept “spooning” in a little corner only to turn around and need to “spoon” the snow where i had just finished.

i came in the house and shed all obviously-you-are-not-from-iowa-layers, which included taking off my tennis shoes, (yeah i know) and went to the bathroom. when i looked in the mirror i noticed all my mascara had run from being froze-nd onto my eyelids.

i looked like a cross between jeff daniels in the movie Dumb and Dumber with his frozen snot on the motorcycle ride into aspen, and yes, my favorite alter ego i turn into when the hair and makeup don’t work: alice cooper.

good times people. good times.

i’ve asked for a snowblower for our anniversary.

tutorial coming on monday.

have a great rest of the weekend.

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