tutorial: heat press vinyl on shirts


can you tell i have babies on the brain.
no not me.
my friends.
mom, you can let go of the panic and start breathing again. that was not some sort of hint. trust me.

one goal i had this year was to learn more about silk screening. well i did just that. and i realized i don’t have the space right now to even start going there. so i came across another alternative (for shirts and pillows at least) and that is heat press vinyl. don’t know if you know too much about it but it’s pretty cool. basically you can heat press the design onto you shirt and it melts onto the shirt and becomes permanent. you walk away with a product that feels like a professionally store bought shirt.
are you ready to get started? okay here we go:


*heat press design
*iron set to the hottest setting WITH NO STEAM
*shirt you are going to put your design on.
*2 thin rags you can iron on.
first you are going to take your design and shirt. (make sure you pre wash your shirt)

and place the design where you would like it located on your shirt.
your first rag should be placed inside the shirt.
second rag should be on top of your heat press design.
now you are going to place your hot iron (moving it around on top of your rag and vinyl) for about a minute. (you don’t want it to burn the fabric so make sure you keep the iron moving around on top of it.
wait for the vinyl to cool off completely. and slowly pull off the top plastic. should come off fairly easily. if it does not, repeat your steps.
for the chandelier i wanted it to be coming from the side so i cut off some of the image and placed it carefully on the seam
then you will need to follow the same steps as before.
so simple and so easy but oh so cute. i’m actually going to make some for my boys with the rock on design. but on a dark t-shirt. i think it would have looked cute if i dyed the onesie first like a black or blue… but hind site is 20/20.

you can buy these two designs in the V and Co. SHOP. and keep a look out for a few more designs coming soon!
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